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We are MORE than just our youth sports programs

Our LOCAL Club is Proud to be associated with

Youth Sports

Baseball --Cheerleading-- Football-- Soccer--Softball -- Miracle Movers --Tri-Star Sports Skills

Academic Leadership

Distinguished Young Woman

Jr. Optimist Club (middle school)

Octagon Club (high school)

Oratorical & Essay contests

Senior College Scholarships

Community Service & Engagement

FireFighter Appreciation

Christmas Assistance Program

Partners in Education

Respect for Law

Youth Appreciation

Quaker Day Parade Entry

Avenue of Flags

If you would like to sponsor a community level program, your individual name or corporate name would be linked to the event for one calendar year.

You do not have to be an Optimist member to support the club activities

Quaker Day Parade    $200 sponsorship

Octagon Club (PHS)    $200 sponsorship

Jr. Optimist Club    $200 sponsorship

Essay Contest        $200 sponsorship

Oratorical Contest    $200 sponsorship

Tri-Star Sports        $200 sponsorship

Respect for Law    $200 sponsorship

Firefighters Cookout    $200 sponsorship

Partners in Education    $500 sponsorship

Youth Appreciation    $500 sponsorship

Christmas Assistance    $500 sponsorship

Distinguished Young Woman  two sponsorships @ $1,000/ea

High School Senior Scholarships  three sponsorships @ $1,000/ea


Your sponsorship would be mentioned in the club newsletter, on Social Media, at the event and in all notifications of that said event.

Additional sponsorships are available for the individual sports programs.  For Example:  T-shirt sponsorships, and Ball Diamond and “field” sponsorships.

Contact:  David Osborne @


Board of Directors

Club President—Bill Verhonik 

Past President—Andy Tice 

Vice President—Amy Pridemore 

President-Elect--David Osborne

Treasurer—Kevin Kessinger 

Secretary—Dawn Wickham 

2nd Yr. Directors—Doug Fish, Bob Thompson, Rusty Diemer

1st Yr. Directors—David Osborne, Dominic Vernengo, Amanda Riley

President’s message


Happy New Year,

The Plainfield Optimist Club welcomes many new people who will be receiving our monthly newsletter.   Families that participate in our programs and people in our community who serve the youth of Plainfield have been added to our email database.  The Club's main purpose is to serve our youth and assist other organizations, individuals, schools and businesses who also serve our youth.  The Plainfield Optimist Club is a not for profit organization and all the money that we collect goes toward serving the youth of Plainfield. 

Our newsletters will provide information about the programs that we sponsor and other community programs and the opportunities to participate in these worthwhile causes.  We hope you enjoy seeing the results of efforts and the joy and smiles that we bring to our young men and women that we serve.   Our members and volunteers are also inspired by being able to provide opportunities for our youth.   

We welcome all of our 100+ members to participate and anyone who wants to learn more about the Plainfield Optimist Club are welcome to join us.   I encourage you to to participate by either volunteering or by financial contributions.   We are rolling out a sponsorship program that will list the various opportunities to participate and will be described in more detail in our upcoming newsletters and the information will be on our website. 

We look forward to an Optimistic 2021 and working with our hundreds of volunteers and community leaders and businesses. 

Bill Verhonik

Club President

Contact Information

Plainfield Optimist Club

P.O. Box 664, Plainfield IN  46168