Sunday Alliance Softball

What is Sunday Alliance?

Sunday Alliance is a program designed to play a little more competitive softball for girls that are interested. Sunday Alliance will run along with the rec league. Sunday Alliance will be an additional "season" of games played from April through July during the spring rec league and August through October during the fall rec league.

Girls must play Plainfield Optimist Rec League to qualify for a Sunday Alliance team. Alliance  games will be played throughout other communities in Central Indiana.

Double-header games are played on Sundays. Provided there are enough interested players, there will be two (2) teams for each specific age group.

There will be an additional charge for Sunday Alliance. This charge will include an additional jersey and any double header/league fees. Sunday Alliance will be an additional $100.00 on top of the standard fee to play in the Plainfield Optimist Rec Softball League.

Plainfield has partnered with Sunday Alliance, a program in the Indianapolis area that has an approximate group of 66 teams throughout many different age groups. Plainfield has the opportunity to host events through this program, so there is a possibility of having some Alliance games hosted at the Plainfield fields!

Who can play Sunday Alliance?

Any girl that is interested in Sunday Alliance will be given the option on registrations. If you click the box on registrations that you are interested, you will be put on the list.

Reminder, you must be signed up to play Plainfield Optimist Softball Rec League in order to be eligible to participate in Sunday Alliance.

Each child will go through evaluations during the same time as the rec league evaluations. There will be one evaluation opportunity. Once evaluations are completed, the board of directors will take the top 12-24 girls in each age group that signed up to play Alliance. Those selected participants will be given the opportunity to play Sunday Alliance. If there is enough interest in each age group, two teams will be formed. There will be an additional fee of $100.00 for Sunday Alliance.

Who will Coach the Teams?

Coaches will be selected by a vote by the Plainfield Optimist Softball Club Board of Directors.

Each person interested in coaching a Sunday Alliance or Rec team, must fill out the application on the main page.

Parent Information

We ask that parents do not commit their child to this program if they do not plan to 100% participate in the Sunday Alliance League. You must be willing to commit Sunday afternoons to this program because of travel and game times. If you do not feel that you can commit to this, then please do not register to play. There are only a limited number of spots available for each age group.